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Compound amino acids


Compound amino acids

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  Amino acids are essential for human life. There are many types of compound amino acids, raw materials are mainly divided into plant type and animal type. Plant-type compound amino acids use natural high-protein plants as raw materials, adopt advanced biochemical engineering techniques, and are extracted from plants to form a variety of amino acids. Animal-type compound amino acids are prepared by spray-drying a variety of high-protein animal bodies through microbial fermentation and acid-base hydrolysis.

  The type of compound amino acids mainly refers to the number of amino acids contained in this product. The main dosage forms include 8 kinds of amino acid complexes, 18 kinds of amino acid complexes, and 22 kinds of amino acid complexes.

  The use of compound amino acids is widely used. Human body can enhance human immune function and enhance nutrient absorption. It can be used as a feed nutrient additive in livestock and poultry animals to increase daily weight gain, protein utilization, and feed conversion rate. The use of biological drugs enhances the resistance of animals; in agriculture, concentrated fertilizers, liquid fertilizer raw materials, and fermented soybean meal can be added.


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